Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Bounce back!

Ms Bach’s last email to Mr. Gould bounced back. :(

Mr. Gould was still concertizing in 1964. The Glenn Gould Foundation has not formed yet. Ms Mommy Bach said she forgot to tell Ms. Bach. She’s always like that. :(

Ms. Bach ended up writing a letter to Mr. Gould. The letter stopped in Boston in United States where they have great lobsters and the great “FromTheTop” people ( It then got re-routed to PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) in United States before it reached the Glenn Gould Foundation in Toronto, Canada. It took such a long way to send a letter. Sigh!

Share and enjoy! :)

Mr. Gould really needed a Facebook account to share his thinking, compositions, music, documentaries and all those ingenious presentations. Then we all can communicate using 21st century technology. ‘The’ Facebook :)

Ms. Bach Nov 17, 2007 :)


  1. Check out The Glenn Gould Foundation page on Facebook.

    Glenn Gould fans of the world, unite!

    Write on the wall, post your photos and videos, look for upcoming Glenn Gould events in your area, start a discussion or leave us a note. We want to hear from you!