Thursday, November 20, 2008

First Page of my project


Let’s solve Bach’s music using our imagination!

Dear Readers,

Do you have a love for the music of Bach? The answer for most people, especially young musicians, would be a ‘no’. I play Bach on the harpsichord and piano. I would like to change the fact that most people are turned away from Bach, or have never even heard his music. I intend to bring Bach to everyone, all over the world. I want to bring Bach to all the kids who haven’t heard of his music or played it before. His music not only brings “happiness”, but also a sense of compassion. My goal is to start a series of i ♥√Bach concerts to the globe. I just hope that you all enjoy it!

Ms. Bach :) September 2, 2007

* it reads – ‘i’ times the ‘love’th root of Bach

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